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5 Of Our Breastfed Children’s Sleeping Habits

It’s not unusual for me to wake sandwiched between two small bodies. Here are 5 of our breastfed children’s sleeping habits.

5 Of Our Breastfed Children’s Sleeping Habits

1. They Like A Warm Drink Before Falling Asleep

Whether it was the breast, warm milk, or tea, both of our girls love a warm drink before falling asleep. Of course this means they wet the bed, carseat, stroller, and sometimes even peed on me.

2. They Wake In The Middle Of The Night

Our girls woke multiple times throughout the night to breastfeed until they fully weaned at 3 and 4. Now that they no longer nurse at night, they sleep peacefully until the morning.

3. They Love Touch In Their Sleep

Even after they stopped breastfeeding, they still like bodily contact when they are asleep. So, it's not uncommon for me to have a leg, an arm, or entire bodies stretched across me when I wake.

4. They Love Body Heat

They usually curl up beside or under me. When I leave the bed and later return to the room, I often find they have rolled over closer towards each other (in their sleep). When I did not have multiple children, they would wake as soon as that body heat was gone.

5. They Love My Body Scent

My armpits are the most pungent part of my body. Yet and still I often found their heads snuggled up as close to my armpits as they could without touching them.

What about your family? How do your breastfed children sleep at night?

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