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7 Reasons To Feel Good About Co-Sleeping & Night Nursing

Two girls sleeping in the car

Yes, co-sleeping means I get peed on, awoken by loud shrieks and have to wash the sheets almost daily - but thats nothing a towel, a kiss and a good laundry detergent can’t fix.

We tried the whole 3-day cry-it-out method, in attempt to get our first daughter to sleep in her own room. We didn’t make it past the first night. In all honesty, I refused hearing our child scream when I had a simple solution.

We still share the bed with our 3 and 6 year old. Here are 7 reasons to feel good about night nursing and co-sleeping.

1. See Mommy

I remember seeing weird shadows and images at night. I’m proud to be the last thing our girls see before they close their eyes.

2. Hear Mommy

My husband listens to beach waves as a part of his sleep hygiene. I'm convinced, my heart beat and sounds of breathing provide the same peace for our girls.

3. Smell Mommy

My children love my body scent. How do I know? Because they crawl up under my under arm pits, the most pungent part of my body.

4. Feel Mommy

I’m sure they enjoy snuggling against my motherly figure. Heck - that was one of my fondest moments as a child - cuddling next to my mom’s soft skin and squishiness.

5. Pacify & Night Snack

Our three year old still night nurses and I take pride in being a human pacifier. Not only does the suckling lull her back to sleep. My milk is also a sweet treat in the middle of the night.

6. Security

Especially when they were newborns, I was slightly nervous about what would happen when I was not fully alert. As they grew, the darkness became a new fear for them. I’m thankful that we both feel secure with them by my side.

7. Warmth

Who doesn’t like body heat? Snuggling up with a loved one is the perfect ending to any day.

What great things have you discovered while co-sleeping and night-nursing your little ones?

Until next time.

Love The Journey,

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