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9 Hilarious Gifts For Stay-At-Home Moms

Try not to laugh while browsing these hilarious gifts for stay-at-home moms.

1. Welcome Mat

Greet family, visitors, and even the mailperson with a hilarious welcome mat that reads "Hope you like kids." It's allegedly handmade with coir (coconut hair).

2. Girl Mom Candle

Pink girl mom candle made in the USA

This soy wax candle allegedly burns for 75 hours, was poured in the USA and reads, "girl mom, smells like sass."

3. Self-Talk Mug

Funny Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) gifts

This ceramic cup holds 11 ounces and says "Of course I talk to myself. Sometimes I need expert advice."

4. House Husband Tee

Funny Black Stay at home parent shirt

Gift this shirt to your husband after he watches the kids for 2.4 minutes. It says, "House Husband Now I Know Why My Wife Used To Be Cranky All The Time."

5. Gardenia-Scented Candle

Funny stay at home mom gifts for Mother's Day

This 50-hour gardenia scented candle says ,"mom's last nerve, oh's on fire."

6. Decision Making Coins

Best (and Funny) Baby Shower Gifts for New Parents

These coins make decision making so much easier. Just flip and they'll let you know whose turn it is.

7. I'm Retired Tote

Stay At Home Mum Tote

This 100% cotton lined super soft (but durable) tote reads, "I'm Retired. Do it Yourself." The perfect gift for a career stay-at-home mum.

8. Today's Goal Mug

Funny new mom mug

This mug has a brilliant reminder to just get through the day keeping everyone alive.

9. Probably Late Hoodie

Hilarious stay at home mom gifts

This hoodie perfectly describes what life with a little one looks like.

That's it!! We hope something on this list made you smile. Which one made you laugh the hardest? Which one was your fave?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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