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4 Reasons Head Scarves Are Not In Our Night Routine

For a while, I was nervous that we were not properly caring for our hair at night because we did not use sleep protection. That was until I noticed our hair, growing and thriving.

Now I’m confident in our night routine and wanted to share four reasons why we go scarfless.

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1. They Hurt

The girls haven’t mentioned it hurting their heads, but they typically take them off before going to bed. Every time I’ve attempted to wear one I woke with a headache.

2. Our Heads Love To Be Free

From head-to-toe, the less we have on the more comfortable we are.

3. They Come Off

We’ve tried scarves, durags, satin-lined caps, fitted bonnets, satin-pillow cases all which come off in the middle of the night.

4. The Girls Mimic Me

… and since I don’t sleep with a head scarf, neither do they.

So How Do I Protect Their Hair From Cotton Sheets, Tossing And Turning?


They definitely look frizzy quickly, but the hair is still soft, thick, growing and thriving so in my mind it’s healthy.

Is your family like ours? What problems have you encountered with sleeping caps? What other methods do you use to protect your hair at night?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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