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Have You Tried Cabbage Tea For Your Daughter’s Milk Teeth?

Yes, I have.

Cabbage allegedly heals injuries fast, is anti-inflammatory and has other amazing properties that are perfect for our teething babies.

Our little one started teething at 3 months.

I regularly used homeopathic teething tablets and succumbed to Tylenol a few times when her screeches were too unbearable. Using ice in this feeder and having her chew on random objects including metal spoons were also helpful, but there were still times when she was in so much pain she was noticeably tensing her entire body and doing the silent cry - which was emotionally draining for me.

I called her doctor and it was said to be a normal part of her development to try to keep her as comfortable as possible.

Now at 8 months, 4 more teeth are popping through and she is experiencing more discomfort.

I remembered learning from another mom that cabbage tea was super helpful in soothing her baby’s irritated gums.

I attempted to follow a recipe I found online, but once I turned off the fire, and let the tea steep, the leaf was still hard (even after 8 hours).

Then I realized, the womyn’s nanny was giving the baby the tea. I wanted to see if eating the cabbage would achieve similar benefits through my breastmilk.

So I did that.

I prepared myself a healthy plate of steamed cabbage. I like mine with carrot, peas, salt, pepper, thyme and a little bit of oil. In addition to carrot and onion, I now add a little bit of cabbage to most meals I cook.

Cooking cabbage can stink up the house and make you gassy, so I try not to overdo it.

I’ve noticed she doesn’t cry as much. And it’s probably beneficial to me too.

Cabbage is also known for being packed with fiber, boosting the immune system, strengthening our bones and is rich in vitamin C amongst other amazing nutrients and healing properties.

Have you tried cabbage tea? Was it helpful? What foods/drinks have you tried to help alleviate the pain of teething?

Until next time.

Love Thyself,

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