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Purpose: Mom, I Want Milk

By Dominique Bellegarde

Cover Image of Dominique Bellegarde's Breastfeeding Book

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As a parent, I've always believed that I am my child's first teacher. I've strived to create a nurturing environment at home and instill in my children the belief that they are authors of their own stories. When it came to breastfeeding my child, I saw it as an opportunity to bond and stimulate her mind through reading and dialogue. I wanted to use this time wisely and be productive, so I started to visualize and write a story while nursing.

Drawing from my experiences as a nanny and working with pregnant women and families, I began to document my journey and the importance of breastfeeding in a child's early development. As I read and engaged with my child during nursing sessions, I noticed her genuine interest and engagement in the story, which inspired me to share it with the world.

This led me to embark on the journey of writing a book that would benefit my child and serve as a valuable resource for other families. I started writing the book around 2017, and it has been a fulfilling experience to see it come to life and resonate with others in the community. I aim for this book to be a reading tool that supports breastfeeding families and promotes early childhood development in households, libraries, playgrounds, and baby cafes.

Being an author extends beyond the boundaries of our homes and into the community, where our stories can inspire and educate others. I am grateful to share a piece of my journey with every household that embraces my book, knowing that it can bring joy and benefit to children and parents, whether they are directly involved in breastfeeding or not. This is a community breastfeeding book, and I hope that everyone can benefit from it.

I am passionate about fostering a love for reading at an early age and providing children with images and stories that reflect their own experiences. I believe that by serving our families first and sharing our knowledge with the community, we can contribute to the growth of a supportive and nurturing environment for all breastfeeding community members.

Dominique Bellegarde

"I declare over your life You have 

Greatness, Strength and Love.

It is in you & the World has not Seen it Yet"

"It's your Journey, let's set the pace."

Birth Specialist  (Holistic Midwife, Doula, Birth Assistant) 

Lactation Specialists (CLC,CLE, facilitate Breastfeeding conferences)

ALPP ID#33659

phone: 617-329-1277

E-Book: Mom, I want Milk!:

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