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Have You Ever Been So Exhausted From Breastfeeding That You Had To Fight To Keep Your Eyes Open?

Yes! In fact, naps are mandatory for me.

While breastfeeding, we literally liquefy ourselves.

And that process is quite exhausting, especially during the first few hours ...and during growth spurts ...and while teething.

So when our little one falls asleep at the breast, I often join her.

How Do You Take Naps When You Have Other Children?

I make sure our kids are bathed, have food and are essentially okay. Then I take a nap with the baby (not every day, just those days when my body forces me to).

Our older children are over 5 so it’s a little easier.

When they were younger, we would take naps as a family (even if it was in the car).

Are You Able To Go To Sleep At Night?


Here’s the thing.

Naps definitely mean we have non-traditional sleep cycles.

What does this look like? It means there are times where the entire house has to adjust to the baby’s schedule.

Meaning we sometimes do not get to bed until 2 am.

I’m fine with it because we’ve been through these disruptions multiple times and they eventually sort themselves out - meaning we eventually get back to a “normal” sleep schedule.

So How Are You Well-Rested?

Fortunately, I’m a homemaker and our children are homeschooled, so we are able to create schedules that compliment our lifestyle.

I would say I average 6 hours of sleep a day. Our children about 12 and the baby 14 or more.

Does breastfeeding knock you out? Let us know if you nap or choose to power through your days.

Until next time.

Love Thyself,

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Set Goals!

I truly believe we have the answers to our own problems, so when we write our goals down they later help us self-motivate.

Get Inspired

Follow @sacredbirthdoula . She reminded me of the POWER of motherhood.

Live in Boston?

The Boston Breastfeeding Coalition is an amazing collective of local womyn and families.


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