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Different Types of Hair Parting (+ Hair Parting Tools)

A slight part change can drastically transform any hairstyle. So mastering the part is a must for any hair enthusiast ready for a new look.

Hair Parting Line and Styles

What Is A Part?

A part is a line created when the hair is separated. Parts are the foundation of any hairstyle with sections in it. There are five main ways to part the hair.

  • Straight

  • Curved

  • Slanted

  • Full part

  • Partial part

You can place parts on different areas of the head to frame the face in different ways.

  • Center part

  • Side part

  • Deep part

There are also different shapes you can create…

  • Wavy part

  • Square part

  • Triangle part

  • Zig zag part

  • Natural part

You can choose one part, or multiple parts. Whichever type of part you choose, a parting tool will help you achieve the desired look. Below are some of the most common options.

Finger Parting Tool

A finger parting tool is a device commonly worn on your pointer or pinky finger. It has a sharp (but rounded) edge that extends past the nail to help you easily and naturally draw a line with your finger. Some finger parting tools are one-size fits all, but this one is adjustable. It comes with a velcro strap, so that you can securely attach the device to your finger.

Parting Comb

A parting comb is a rat tail comb that has a few missing teeth at the start. This design helps make parting more precise. Parting combs are designed to be used like a writing utensil, where you can draw the part using the first tooth of the comb. This one has pretty good reviews on Amazon.

Rat Tail Comb

Rat tail combs are fine tooth combs with a long skinny tail. The tail is used to draw the neatest lines. While rat tail combs can be made out of wood, or plastic, this one has a metal tail that feels smooth against the scalp.


Clippers are used to create parts in low or under-cuts. They create a line by cutting the hair (instead of moving it). This little peanut is our favorite clipper because it's tiny, making it easier to handle precise cuts.

What Is A Signature Part?

A signature part is the part that you are known for. You may switch up your hair style, but are known to always wear a certain part. For example, you may wear pony tails, bantu knots, or french braids, but always have a signature zig zag part down the middle.

What Is A Permanent Part?

A permanent part is a line that naturally appears in the head. Even after the hair has been washed, slept on, or tossed about, the permanent part will appear. A permanent part is usually a result of wearing the same part in the same spot for several years.

For those with permanent parts, you may not need to repeatedly part the hair. Instead, you may just need to clean it up from time to time using a hair parting tool.

What Is A Natural Part?

A natural part is the line that naturally forms when you separate hair without using a hair parting tool. Some use natural parting to apply products such as shampoo or hot oil treatments. Natural parts can also be used for a carefree (vs. super polished) look.

How To Use Parts To Disguise Certain Areas?

Some can use parts to hide scars, thinning areas, or other parts of the scalp or head they want to hide.

Why Save Parts?

Saving parts can help minimize hair manipulation. If you are styling the hair of an active child or tender headed person, you may want to save parts to decrease the amount of pain or time needed to make them.

Which is your preferred part?

Until next time…

Love the Journey,

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