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87 Hil(hair)ious Jokes For Naturals

Get ready to curl up and dye from laughter!! You won’t find these super original, super corny hair b-uns anywhere else.

funny afro hair jokes

What happens when a hair dryer and a brush get into a fight?

What did the dentist say to the comb?

What did the teacher say to the forehead?

Which hairs make the most noise?

How do you know a style is nice?

What types of hairs become pilots?

What did one strand say to the other?

What does an Afro do when it's angry?

What does a guy use to clean his car?

How long can a kink be president?

Why wasn't Jheri invited to the party?

Why are scalps so unpredictable?

Why is everyone talking about the news?

What's so special about bantu knots?

What are Florida stylists known for?

What makes a scrunchie laugh?

Why didn't 4a ask 3b out for a second date?

What is a curly girl's favorite room?

Which hairs catch boogies?

What made Caesar so short?

Which part of the hair is the most flammable?

Why was the hat wet?

Why was the comb sweating?

What knocked over the tooth brush?

Why didn't the braids want to be taken out?

How do you help a wig having a bad day?

What did the spray bottle say on Valentine's Day?

What do you call a cute cut?

What was the blue barrettes New Year Resolution?

What does a door and a mat have in common?

What does a hi-top and a ghost have in common?

What did the comb say to the zombie?

Why were the girl's edges crying?

Why did the lint run a red light?

What's the longest day of the week?

How do you get a wig to look natural?

Why couldn't the big braids understand the mini braids?

Why was everyone mad at the headband?

What happens when a twist out doesn't clean her room?

What makes a brush laugh?

How did the donkey easily find the horse?

What do you get when two pigs turn around?

Which comb is related to a mouse?

Which crown leads a pride?

What makes hair sticky?

Who beat the cheetah in a race?

What do you get when a cougar sheds?

What did the gorilla nickname his son?

What do monsters use on their hair?

What did the flat iron say to the naughty boy?

What's the best style to wear to Mars?

Why is Chewbacca's hair wild?

What happens when curls get tangled?

What's a rock star's favorite music?

What did the bird say to the old man?

How did the blow dryer win limbo?

When is a hairline like the stock market?

Why was the curly fro sad?

How do you know when a curl is in transition?

How do you keep from falling a part?

How do you make your ends stronger?

Why didn't the student pass her hair strand test?

What did the clippers say to the flat iron?

What happens when you put flax seed gel in the fridge?

Why are barbers never late?

Where did the client find her hairdresser’s secrets?

How did the girl get her best brows?

What do you call a solar-powered shaver?

What does a stylist always have in their portfolio?

How do you get your hair back into shape?

What happened when Eco met Jam?

When did the man become obsessed with his beard?

How much do you love your hair?

Which brush can you find at a cemetery?

What can actually be long but feel super short?

What do you get when you teach a bonnet the doggie paddle?

What makes bangs so helpful?

What takes forever, but is always in a rush?

How do you make sure a bald spot isn’t lonely?

What’s the best head gear for surfing?

Who should a curl go to with its problems?

What happens when you tease a bald man?

What does the heart of a braider do?

What does a loctician and a landscaper have in common?

What’s the slowest way to pay a natural?

What is a comb’s football dream?

Why do guys go to the gym?

Did any of them make you laugh? Which ones were the funniest?

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