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How Much Does It Cost To Maintain 3 Heads Of Curls?

Our hair budget is $13.80 a month. Here’s the breakdown...


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a 13 oz bottle of shampoo lasts 6 months

$8.39 x 2= $16.78 a year


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a 13 oz bottle of conditioner lasts a month

$8.99 x 12 = $107.88 a year


DommiesBlessed Faves EcoStyler Gel

a 5lb tub of gel lasts 6 months

$9.99 x 2 = $19.98 a year

Deep Conditioner

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a 12oz jar of deep conditioner also lasts about 6 months

$9.49 (on sale) x 2 = $18.98 a year

Olive Oil

a 64oz bottle lasts 6 months

$1 x 2 = $2 a year

Yearly total of hair products is





+ 2.00


$165.62 a year

$165.62 / 12 months = $13.80 per month

If you think $13.80 a month for three heads is expensive. That’s about $5 per person per month. As a single college student, I spent at least $60 a month on my hair. While I’m proud to utilize a smaller budget, the bigger accomplishment is using top-notch quality ingredients to maintain the health of our heads.

DommiesBlessed Faves

Have You Tried Using Cheaper or Less Expensive Products?

Yes. We use a super cheap alternative for when we go swimming. But it doesn't make our hair feel nearly as good as the Shea Moisture line, which does the best at detangling our hair without damaging it.

Is This Your Best Hair Budget?

No. I had locs for 5 years and also wore my hair pressed for 5 years. Both styles were the least expensive. Wearing my hair naturally curly definitely requires more product.

What Causes Your Budget To Fluctuate?

Currently my hair is shoulder length and our two girls have waist length hair. As our hair continues to grow, I expect our hair budget to slightly increase.

Styling also impacts how much product we use. For example, I cowash almost daily (which uses a significant amount of conditioner), whereas I do our 4 year old's hair once a month.

This budget does not include our brushes, picks, combs, and any accessories because I usually buy them once.

It also doesn’t include our water bill, simply because we use water for dishes, bathing, laundry, toiling and more. Lastly, I typically use bar soap on our hair, but since we use that for our bodies as well, I guesstimated if we were to buy shampoo instead.

How about you? Are you proud of your monthly hair budget? What does your family hair budget consist of?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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