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5 Gentle Detangling Tools We Swear By

Having a gentle detangling process helps me get our hair done with minimal knots, pain, and stress.

Here are 5 detangling tools we swear by…

5 Gentle Detangling Tools We Swear By

1. Oil

Olive oil is great for softening their hair before I take out their braids.

2. Water

We use water to loosen the strands. The girls do this by laying back and submerging their hair in the tub. Sometimes, I also just pour a bucket of water over their heads to prep the hair. If I am doing their hair at the kitchen sink, I rely on the sprayer to saturate their strands with water before I do anything with their hair.

3. Our Fingers

Coupled with water, our fingers are the gentlest tools because we can literally feel knots and loosen them slowly.

4. Conditioner

We are loyal to brands that work for us. This conditioner with all natural ingredients gives our hair the best results. It has great slip and the tangles melt when it’s applied.

5. Dangling Brush

Our detangling brush has soft bristles that are gentle on little heads. It also doesn’t have balls at the end so it doesn't get caught on their curls.

What tools have you noticed worked best in your hair?

Until next time...

Love Thyself,

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