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Is 30+ Too Old To Breastfeed?

Breastfeeding depends on your health, not your age.

While nursing in my 20s I experienced ...

  • carpal tunnel

  • leg restlessness, and

  • brain farts

In my 30s (mainly because I’ve been nursing for so long) I’ve experienced ...

  • joint aches

  • pale skin

  • weight gain

  • decision fatigue

  • oral issues

  • carpal tunnel

  • inability to concentrate

  • milk-induced naps, and

  • accelerated grays

While these symptoms aren’t solely attributed to nursing. I think feeding three little ones through the bosom undeniably contributed.

And being a little older (for me) meant it took a little longer to recover.

So Being A Young Mom Is Easier?

Not necessarily.

While I had less physical issues in my 20s, there were other skills I had to learn that directly impacted my nursing journey. Such as building my esteem, gaining knowledge to address breastfeeding backlash, and figuring out how to dress my new body.

In my 30s I’m more confident, I’m wiser and have a better understanding of the benefits.

Now breastfeeding support consists of sustaining this journey with proper herbs and nutrition, learning to cook delicious wet meals, financial planning and asset management.

How Did Your Priorities Change From Your 20s To Your 30s?

Now I understand, sleeping, eating and drinking tons of water is all that needs to be done the first year.

In my 30s I also value my time. No longer are the days of running to as many family-friendly activities that I can fit into a day. Instead I enjoy self-talks, midday naps, and allowing me and our children to just be.

What Was Your Breastfeeding Goal In Your 20s vs 30s?

In my 20s I wanted to allow our daughter to self wean. In my 30s, I still believe in child-led weaning, but I also want to consistently produce the highest quality of breastmilk.

How Did Your Breastfeeding Fears Change From Your 20s To Your 30s?

In my 20s I worried about others’ opinions. In my 30s I worried about having the physical stamina for child-led weaning.

How Is Breastfeeding In Both Periods The Same?

No matter how young or old, innocent or mature, skinny or plump, caking it or barely making it, breastfeeding is pretty demanding on the body (mentally, physically and spiritually).

The pain of breastfeeding initiation also doesn’t discriminate. Meaning breastfeeding my first child felt like the sharpest alligator bite. The second one didn't hurt, but the third one was definitely uncomfortable.

Lastly, transitioning to life as a pair continues to be an adjustment, especially in our diy culture.

I’m proud of the 20 year old me who felt vulnerable, but followed her maternal instinct and continued to nurse anyway. And I’m extremely proud of the 30 year old me, who learned to heal herself and sustain a free-spirited lifestyle.

So consider yourself richly blessed to have breastfed in either decade (or both). Transferring wealth through breastmilk is a true labor of love. So thank you!

Are you currently nursing in your 20s or 30s? What similarities or differences have you noticed? If you want to check out my minimalistic wardrobe while breastfeeding, you can do so here.

Until next time,

Love The Journey,

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