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As a nursing mom, these are my theories on why wombmen have two breasts...


Having horizontally positioned breasts allows the baby to feed from one and practice grasping, squeezing, pinching and hand-eye-coordination on the other. This play also helps with the other breast's letdown.

Efficient Filtration

Since we have two armpits, having two breasts makes sense for better filtration through the lymphatic system.

EbereIllustrate Lymphatics of the Female Breast by Chidiebere Ibe Medical Illustrator on Instagram | Breast Anatomy with a Black Mother and BreastfeedingChild

Divine Design

As mammals that typically have one baby at a time, we don’t need 7 teets like cats who birth litters.


While the breasts and nipples are pretty durable, injuries and blockages do occur. This typically happens in the breastfeeding initiation stage and the nipple elongation process. With two breasts our little ones always have a spare bosom to feed from.

Pump Technology

Pumping requires two independent sides working together in harmony. Think of the heart’s two pumping ventricles. The breasts work similarly for proper milk flow.

Natural Realignment

Within days of giving birth our two enlarged breasts fill up with milk. I believe this is the body’s natural way of gradually shifting or redistributing our weight in order to realign the body after 9 months of pregnancy.

Comfortable Nursing Positions

When we nurse we typically cuddle our little ones in our arms or feed them while laying on our side. Having a centered boob would make it a little difficult to find a comfortable nursing position.

Comfortable Sleeping Positions

Sleeping during pregnancy takes some getting used to. I couldn’t imagine sleeping with one huge boob or multiple.

Extra Fat Storage

Vitamins A and E are crucial for cell production, immunity and strong bones in mothers and their babies. These vitamins happen to be fat soluble (not water soluble), which means they are conveniently stored in fatty tissues (like breasts).

Extra Milk Storage

As the baby empties one breast, having two ensures that there is always an ample supply.

Natural Arch Formation

The back and forth between our left-facing and right-facing breasts assists in making sure the baby’s mouth forms a naturally wide arch.

This arch is responsible for speech development, tongue posture, bone formation, gag reflex, proper breathing and probably a whole bunch more.


The breasts are located on the upper half of our bodies. As an upright species, having two also allows them to sag without causing too much disruption to our body’s overall balance.

Which is why some wombmen wear prosthetics or get the breast reconstructed after a mastectomy.

Sacred Symmetry & Numerology

For those that observe Nature’s remarkable patterns, the number 2 symbolizes teamwork, peace and harmony.

Aesthetic Reasons

We were beautifully designed with rhythm and movement in mind. The jiggle and natural bounce of a bosom when a wombman walks matches the cadence of our hips and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Which is why I believe we don’t have one breast with two nipples.

I believe there are many reasons we have two breasts. Our breasts are part of a remarkably intricate system built to make sure huemanity thrives.

Can You Nurse With One Breast?

Absolutely! I've had periods where one of the nipples was damaged, so I had to nurse from one side.

So if you lose one or one is sick, I’m sure the body will adapt.

What Would Happen If Huemans Had Three Or Four Breasts?

While there are instances where people can have multiple nipples (down our milkline), having multiple breasts would mean our bras would look very different and we'd probably have extra arms and legs too.

I’m curious…Why do you think we have two breasts? How would our lives be different if we had 3 or 4? And just for fun, we created a word search featuring breast anatomy. The words are hidden horizontally, vertically, diagonally and backwards. Good luck!

Until next time…

Love The Journey,

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