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Boston's 100+ Playgrounds (By Neighborhood)

Boston has invested millions in its outdoor play spaces. Here's a list of its public playgrounds by neighborhood.


Allston-Brighton Playgrounds

Artesani Playground in Brighton MA. Pirate themed playground with blue slide, pirate flags, fake cannons, and boat steering wheel

Collage of Artesani Playground in Brighton with a dish swing, blue windy slide and climbing structures
Artesani Playground is a pirate-themed playground in Brighton. It features twin disk swings, climbing prisms, aquatic-themed seesaws, play cannons, swirly slides and sailor-themed toddler play stations.

Back Bay-Beacon Hill Playgrounds

Charlestown Playgrounds

Dorchester Playgrounds

Swing at Franklin Park Playground in Dorchester, Boston, MA

Collage of Franklin Park Playground with a rock climbing wall, climbing net and slides
Franklin Park Playground is a hidden gem in Dorchester. It can be accessed via American Legion Highway or the park's scenic walking loop. It has outdoor fitness equipment, a massive climbing net and toddler-sized slides.

Downtown Playgrounds

Blue slide and netting at the Esplanade Playground in Boston

Collage of Esplanade Playground in Downtown Boston featuring a rock climbing wall, a netted swing, a netted hammock, a kid friendly zipline, a giant slide and a little free library
The Esplanade Playground is an outdoor ropes course. It features a netted hammock, bridge and swing, a rock climbing wall that looks like an actual rock, a kid-friendly zipline, and a super tall slide.

East Boston Playgrounds

Brightly colored green climbing structure at the American Legion Playground in East Boston

Collage of American Legion Playground in East Boston featuring green tunnels and a climbing net.
American Legion Playground is a nature-themed playground in East Boston. It features tons of brightly colored green and brown climbing structures.

Fenway-Kenmore Playgrounds

Hyde Park Playgrounds

rock climbing wall, rope bridge and monkey bars at Hyde Park's Stony Brook Playground in the Stony Brook Recreation Complex

Collage of Stony Brook Playground in Hyde Park, MA with a child-sized rock climbing wall, slides and a roped bridge.
Stony Brook Playground is a nature-themed playground in Hyde Park. It features a child-sized rock climbing wall, plenty of slides, tree-shaped canopy shelters and a ropes obstacle course.

Jamaica Plain Playgrounds

Mattapan Playgrounds

Roslindale Playgrounds

Roxbury Playgrounds

South Boston Playgrounds

South End Playgrounds

West Roxbury Playgrounds

Blue double slides at Draper Playground in West Roxbury, Boston, MA

picture of Draper Playground in West Roxbury, Boston, MA including monkey bars, a fire pole, a bridge, a little free library and a toddler play station with wheels.
Draper Playground is a well-loved play area in West Roxbury. It has monkey bars, an elevated bridge, tall slides and a fire pole. It's conveniently located next to athletic fields, an indoor pool and a little free library.

What's The Difference Between A Public and A Private Playground?

Public playgrounds are often operated by the city or the state and are accessible to the public. We included one exception, which is the nature nook (a nature-based playground) located at the Boston Nature Center in Mattapan. It too is free and open to the public, but is listed as an exception because it is owned by a nonprofit. Private playgrounds are owned and operated by individual institutions like private community centers or churches. You'll often notice they have "private property" signs, and /or can only be accessed by their members. The playgrounds listed above are public.

Do All Playgrounds Have Bathrooms?

No. While you may be able to walk to a local restaurant or business to use their bathrooms, some playgrounds are in residential areas or tucked away from other buildings all together. If you're out and about with your little one, consider traveling with a portable potty (or urinal) and wipes. Portable potties are also great for...

  • long road trips

  • if your little one is afraid of public restrooms

  • if the restrooms aren't clean

  • if there are no family restrooms (for example a dad who doesn't want to take his daughter into the men's bathroom).

Let us know if we missed your playground. Want ideas on things to do today? Here are some.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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