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Boston's Farmers Markets (By Days Of The Week)

If you're looking for freshly picked, nutritious food, Boston has plenty of farmers markets to choose from. There are 23 farmers markets offered throughout the city. Below is the 2023 summer schedule.

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What Is A Farmers Market?

A farmers market is a space where local growers sell their harvest. In Boston it's often local organizations, neighborhood groups, and individual farmers. Boston requires farmers markets have certain food and health permits from the city, so you'll often see the same sellers each week.

What Does A Farmers Market Look Like?

While some markets are indoors, most of the Boston farmers markets are tented areas outside. You'll often see sellers surrounded by crates of food and other goods.

What Can You Find At A Local Farmers Market?

The freshest in-season foods like carrots, corn, kale, mixed greens, tomatoes, micro greens, scallions and more. You can also find fresh flowers and honey. And some farmers markets will have cheese, breads, fish, meat, and eggs.

Why Shop At A Farmers Market?

Farmers markets give you the opportunity to shop in season. These seasonal foods don't need to be covered in wax or added preservatives. The longer food is stored and transported, the more nutritional value is lost. The fact that farmers markets often harvest their produce on the same-day or days before the market opens, means the food is often at its nutritional peak. It's a difference you can often see, smell, feel, and taste!

What Are The Downsides of Farmers Markets?

While Boston does a great job having a farmers market on every day of the week, the hours just don't compare to a grocery store. Meaning, the farmers markets range from 3 to 7 hours. While a local grocery store is open 10 hours or more. This probably isn't too much of an inconvenience for weekly shoppers who are great planners.

Farmers markets also may not have the same selection and variety as a grocery store. You instead have to buy what was grown. However, this also means you can discover rare or new foods. For example, our local market sells seeded watermelon, as well as yellow watermelon. Both are consistently juicy and super flavorful. Whole Food's (a high-end grocery store in Boston) only sells seedless watermelons.

Is Shopping At A Farmers Market More Expensive?

No! You'll often get way more food for the price. I'm sure this depends on where you shop.

When Is The Best Time To Visit A Farmers Market?

Shopping earlier gives you better pickings. The late shoppers often get the foods the earlier shoppers didn't want.

What Is The Peak Season In Boston?

July to August. While some farmers markets start in May, most of them are up in running by July.

Do Farmers Markets Get Cancelled?

Many of the farmers markets are open rain or shine. They often only cancel for inclement weather (such as heavy down pours or thunderstorms with lightning).

Are Farmers Markets Kid-Friendly?

Yes! Many of the farmers markets have live music and activities.

Do You Need To Bring Your Own Bags?

Vendors will often have bags, but it doesn't hurt to bring a sturdy tote to put all your food in. We thought this one was pretty funny.

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