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Our 7 Year Old’s Hair Care Routine

It took me years to learn how to properly care for her hair. This is her current routine…

Wash Day

Our daughter takes showers which are super helpful because it makes it easier to do her hair.

I used to get in the tub with her, then tried sitting on a bench at the side of the tub. Showering with her is definitely the easiest and doesn’t bother my back.

In the shower, I use water pressure, our favorite conditioner, a wide-tooth comb, and our favorite detangling brush, to detangle her hair.

The easiest way to gently detangle her hair without damaging it, is to separate her hair into 4-6 sections. I then work out the tangles with the comb and brush. It usually doesn’t take more than 10 minutes.

And thankfully, at 7 years old, she is learning how to wash her hair herself. She is learning how her hair should feel and how much conditioner to use. But she still needs my help making sure to fully detangle her hair from ends to root.

I always leave in a little conditioner and seal with oil in the shower. This is key to making sure her hair stays soft and protected throughout the week.

We mainly co-wash every week.

I only shampoo as needed, usually when her hair is feeling dry or has build-up, which is probably once a month.

Coil Out

Our favorite and most frequent style is the coil out.

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I gather her hair in a ponytail and coil the hair that is left out. I use oil and a fine-tooth comb to make the neatest coils.

I let her coils air-dry. By day two, her coils are fully dried and ready to be separated.

I rub a little oil in my hands and separate the coils. Now her hair looks like a curly ponytail.

Over the days her hair gets frizzier and fuller. The coils last about 4-5 days until I have to start the process over.

While the coils feel soft and moisturized, I redo her ponytail every day. This takes about a minute.

I take out the ponytail holder, spritz her edges and nape of her neck with water, apply a little gel, and use a boar bristle brush to brush it back into a ponytail. I avoid touching her coils, focusing solely on smoothing her hair into the ponytail holder.

When it’s time for wash day, I rub some oil in her hair. Then I comb out each coil before getting in the shower. This minimizes shed hair clogging the drain as well as wasting water while detangling in the shower.

Bantu Knots

Our second favorite style is Bantu knots. I part her hair down the middle and create 2 knots.

This style has to be redone every day due to flyaways.

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We do not do buns as often, because it takes a long time (5 minutes) to fully detangle and get into a neat bun.

While her bun looks super cute, it does not keep her hair as soft. So we prefer Bantu knots and coil outs.


We still use bar soap or Shea Moisture‘s Shampoo for her hair.

She hasn’t had an allergic flare-up in some time, but I still stick to our favorite conditioner that works.

I use gel in her hair because her hair is super fragile and has a lot of flyaways.

Nighttime Routine

We still do not sleep with scarves. I keep her hair healthy and hydrated by redoing it every day.

That’s it. Here's our 4 month old's hair routine, as well as our 4 year old's hair routine. How would you describe your child's hair care routine? Is your 7 year old learning to do their hair too? What's their favorite style?

Until next Friday...

Love Thyself,

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