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Our 4 Year Old’s Hair Care Routine

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I keep her hair in a protective style for as long as possible. Here’s our routine.

Wash Day

With waist-length hair, I only do her hair when I absolutely need to, which happens to be every 6-8 weeks.

Honestly, both my daughter and I don’t mind the frizz, just after a month and a half, I feel pressure to redo it.

But I do not take her hair out. I wash her hair with her plaits or twists in. Which means my focus is on cleansing the scalp and keeping it healthy so that her hair continues to grow.


In between washes, I wet her hair and apply conditioner as needed. I know her hair needs conditioner if it doesn’t feel soft.

Hair Take Down

The day after washing her hair, it should be fully air-dried.

I take one braid/twist out at a time. Fully detangle with a fine-tooth comb and retwist or braid.

Twists look better to me, but braids last longer.

Although I make sure we are both comfortable and fully entertained, this process of taking out and redoing her hair can take 2-3 days due to her moving a lot and me having to attend to our infant. Sometimes I do her hair while she is sleeping, but eventually stop, because her position affects how her hair lays. Meaning, it looks neater when she is sitting upright and I can braid/twist her hair down.

The longest it has taken to redo her hair was 8 days.

How about you? What's your 4 year old's hair care routine? Here's Our 7 year old's and 4 month old's hair routine.

Until next time.

Love thyself,

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