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20 Ways I Describe Our 7 Year Old’s Hair

20 Ways I’d Describe Our 7 Year Old’s Hair | DommiesBlessed

✔︎ Gorgeous

✔︎ Thin

✔︎ Frizzy

✔︎ Fluffy

✔︎ Super soft

✔︎ Super delicate

✔︎ Curly

✔︎ Very Coily

✔︎ Weightless

✔︎ Loves water

✔︎ Dark brown

✔︎ Medium length

✔︎ Flows in the wind

✔︎ Knots easily

✔︎ Mattes easily

✔︎ Dries quickly

✔︎ Tender headed

✔︎ Bounces with conditioner

✔︎ Looks great in a wash-n-go

✔︎ Looks great in a top-knot

Have you had a chance to study your little one’s head? How would you describe their hair? Here's how I describe our 4 year old’s hair.

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