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I Refuse To Wake A Sleeping Baby To Breastfeed

Allegedly newborns are supposed to eat every two hours. But the practice of medicine’s recommendations are always changing —so I follow my maternal instinct and what my children tell me.

My grandmother was a nurse midwife, and when she was practicing, the recommendation was every four hours for newborns.

I would say our daughter is more on that schedule. Although we do not watch the clock, because we feed-on-demand.

There have been times where she slept so good, I had to check her breathing to make sure she was still alive.

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I try to let our children sleep as much as possible and wake naturally, as I do not like to be disturbed when I am sleeping.

I find our children almost never put themselves to sleep and I’m terrible at it - It takes quiet, patience and lots of rocking back-n-forth.

Nevertheless, sleeping helps her grow and she has been gaining weight nicely.

What about you? Are you a regimented feeder? Would you wake to feed your baby?

Until next time.

Love Thyself,

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