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Breastfeeding The First 24 Hours After Our Birth

Baby girl did not get much breast after birth, because I was in so much pain.

Nine hours of labor and delivery felt super long and excruciating.

Just having her lay on me (not feeding) seemed to cause more cramping.

Luckily I had an amazing midwife who told dad to take off his shirt and do skin-to-skin (hold naked baby against his bare chest).

He did and she slept peacefully. I think my mom and other family held her too.

After a couple of hours, they told me, “she needs to eat.”

I still wasn’t ready but tried. As soon as she suckled, I felt heavy cramping in my midsection and had to stop after a few short minutes.

I rarely take any medication, but I popped 3,200 mg of ibuprofen (the max amount) every 6 hours to help ease the pain.

The pills seemed to take a long time to work.

They forced me to eat because I was taking the meds. I did not want to eat anything — not even a cracker.

She too seemed more focused on resting and recuperating. She basically slept a lot.

Breastfeeding The First 24 Hours After Our Birth

I wasn’t counting the hours or keeping track of time, but I know she slept a lot and didn’t seem eager about the breast.

I might of breastfed two or three times in the first 24- hours.

It didn’t hurt my nipples when she fed, but the cramping was excruciating.

How were your first hours breastfeeding after birth?

Until next time.

Love thyself.

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