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4 Reasons We Keep Our Ends Coiled/Curled

Our hair is best protected in a curl. Which makes sense - It comes out of our heads curled for a reason. So here are 4 reasons we keep our ends curled.

4 Reasons We Keep Our Ends Coiled/Curled

1. It’s Beautiful

To seal the ends of a braided or twisted style, I coil their ends like the picture above. It looks beautiful and honors her natural texture.

2. Protect Ends

By keeping the ends clumped together in a curl, I find it's the best way to keep them protected.

3. Self-Preservation

Curls roll up on themselves as a natural form of self-preservation - our hairs way of protecting itself.

4. Hair Growth

In order to grow their hair, I have to make sure their ends are well moisturized and cared for. I saturate their ends with water, conditioner and oil, before fingercoiling the ends.

How Do You Fingercoil The Ends?

You need a fine tooth comb to catch the super tiny hairs. Then comb through your ends making them flat. They will naturally want to curl back up into a single curl.

Do you finger coil your ends too? What benefits have you noticed from keeping the ends curled?

Until next time...

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