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10 Strange Things Our Breastfed Children Did That Are Actually Useful

Nothing they do is random. Here are ten things our children did while breastfeeding that may seem strange but were actually useful.

10 Behaviors Our Children Did While Breastfeeding That May Seem Strange But Are Actually Useful

1. Switch Between Breasts

Feeding on one breast releases milk from the other. I noticed our daughter did this when there was a limited supply.

2. Rub Chest

I’m assuming this is a form of tactile therapy and moving her hands in circles on the smooth texture of my skin was comforting to her.

3. Rub Nipples

Sometimes our girls would just rub the nipples through the shirt. Our older daugter told me, if they are bored they like to "play with their fingers," so I assume this is another form of natural play.

4. Nipple Twiddling

Although uncomfortable and a behavior I definitely discourage, I do believe playing with these small balls (nipples) helps with fine motor.

5. Pull Opposite Nipple

This probably helps with let down (releasing milk) on the breast they are attached to.

6. Massage Breasts

I had no idea why our children kneaded the breast until our second daughter was born and she told me “I am helping her get milk.”

7. Explore Mom’s Body

Whether it’s digging up my nose or putting their fingers in my mouth these were ways our daughters explored my body and how it worked up close. You can call it self-directed science play.

8. Bite

Our girls were not bitters, but I do remember them testing out their teeth to see how things were connected and how I would respond.

9. Sniff Breast Through Shirt

Our areola glands allegedly give off a unique scent, so I'm assuming sniffing the breasts serves as aroma therapy to our little ones.

10. Hand In Shirt

Of course there were times when they would reach into my shirt to pull out the breast. There were also times, just holding the breast brought them comfort.

I’m sure there are plenty more. What silly behaviors have you noticed your little one does while nursing?

Until next time.

Love Thyself,


The Power Of The Nipple While Breastfeeding

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