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4 Homeschool Rules We Swear By

We’ve adopted these four rules over time, and it helps us to stay focused on making sure homeschool benefits our entire unit.

1. Never Interrupt A Child At Work

I learned this from our 7 year old’s short stint at a Montessori. If I notice our children concentrating, I try my hardest not to interrupt. They are self-motivated in mastering and refining the skills they need to do the work they were sent here to do.

4 Homeschool Rules We Swear By | DommiesBlessed

2. Physical, Emotional, Spiritual Health Over Academics Everyday

Academic is defined as …

Even before I knew what this word meant, I tended to focus on the well-being of their entire bodies as well as mine.

3. Our Work Must Benefit The Entire Family

Working together to achieve our goals is a critical step in making sure we build a solid foundation. So, I do not take contracts that take me away from our children. And I don’t believe in spending hours commuting between numerous activities. This may change as the girls age, but during their foundational years, we move as a unit.

4. Love First

My homeschool approach is largely built on building a solid foundation of love.

While bullies, challenges, and hardships enter our lives, my responsibility is to make sure our girls feel secure, confident, and overall loved.

How about you? What rules does your homeschooling family swear by?

Until next time,

Love Thyself,


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