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How Much Is 1 Robux?

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One Robux can range from $0.01 to $0.001 USD depending on which plan you choose. If you have no idea what Robux are, they're the virtual currency used in Roblox. Robloxians can use Robux to personalize their avatars, unlock special abilities, and even create their own games within the Roblox community. The more Robux one buys, the less it will cost. For example, if you buy 40 Robux, that will cost a penny per Robux. If you buy 22,500 Robux, each Robux will cost a fraction of a cent. Below is a breakdown:

Robux Packages

Robux packages are one-time purchases for an immediate balance boost. There are currently eight plans.

























*The two Robux packages that can be purchased for less than a dollar are only available on mobile. We were unable to find these plans on tablet or desktop.

Robux Subscription Plans

Premium subscription plans are billed monthly until cancelled. There are currently three plans.










*According to Roblox, the $9.99 plan is more popular on desktop, but the $4.99 is more popular on mobile.

The $199 Looks Like The Best Deal, What Are The Benefits Of A Subscription?

Robux Top Packages graph

Buying 22,500 Robux at $199 is a great deal, because it equates to more Robux for less. It can be the perfect gift that provides a quick boost to any Roblox account. However, there are benefits to the subscription model, including being able to practice money management skills. With so many cool items and experiences to buy on Roblox, a Robux balance can dwindle fast. Receiving small increments over time can help kids practice delayed gratification and learn how to save.

Premium subscription plans also have other benefits such as being able to start a group, trade Robux on a stock market-like platform, and other cool and exclusive perks.

Robux package vs subscription graph

Can Robux Be Earned?

Yes! Paying for Robux isn't the only way to get them. Robux can also be earned by selling digital clothes, charging access fees, using immersive ads, creating passes, and more.

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