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7 Types Of Breastfeeders

Over the years our two children nursed differently during different parts of their journey.

Here are 7 types of breastfeeders...

6 Types Of Breastfeeders

1. Aggressive Nurser

They have a strong or loud suckle. Meaning, You can hear or feel them nursing.

2. Independent Nurser

This child will reach into your shirt, pull your breast out and hold it like it’s a sandwich.

3. Quick Nurser

After being on the breast for 5 minutes or less they are done. I like to say they are very efficient and get all the milk they need. Sometimes it means they nurse more frequently, sometimes they don't.

4. Breastmilk Lover

They are slow-feeders who enjoy the full meal. They take their time nursing, but to you it may seem like they are constantly at the breast.

5. Distracted Nurser

In the middle of nursing, the child whips their head towards whatever is catching their attention at the moment. This is very painful. Distracted nursers sometimes take less painful breaks to simply observe their surroundings.

6. Sneaky Nurser

This is the child who breastfeeds and you can’t feel a thing. It often happens at night.

7. Pacifier

They usually pacify when they are sick, sleepy or after a traumatic event.

How would you describe the way your child nurses? Which one above best describes your little one?

Until next time…

Love Yourself,

Types Of Breastfeeders

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