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3 Ways We Revive Our Curls

3 Effective Ways We Revive Our Curls | DommiesBlessed

Every once in a while, our curls need some refreshing.

What do I mean?

Well... each of our heads are different.

For our youngest, her curls get weighed down and dull.

Our six year old’s curls tend to just fuzz up -- meaning she looks like she doesn’t have a curl pattern at all.

And similar to our oldest daughter -- my curls aren’t as defined.

Refreshed curls do not have a specific look, because all of our textures are different.

I've noticed that refreshed curls feel soft, look healthy and are well behaved.

Times when I know our curls need refreshing, we do these three things to achieve them.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Once a month I love to use an apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse.

This is where I will take a bottle of water and pour a little acv in it. After I have washed our hair, I run this mixture through our hair.

This rinse helps to further strip our strands of excess buildup, dirt, grime, lint, whatever. It’s like giving a reset button to our curls and they end up bouncing back higher, coiling tighter, shining brighter and looking better over all.

2. Deep Conditioner

Deep conditioning helps to make our hair feel softer. We love applying a heavy conditioner as needed to help our hair get back to its soft texture.

3. Rest

For the girls, I like to put their hair in plaits - so their heads can take a rest from me constantly combing, brushing and styling their hair.

For me, I love to do wash-n-gos and just let my hair be. The less manipulation tends to get the best curl.

What works to refresh your curls? How often do you need to revive them? Do you use a specific product or technique? Need to schedule a one-on-one? Use code: HEART2HEART.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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