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8 Reasons Olive Oil Is Perfect For Braids

8 Reasons Olive Oil Is Perfect For Plaits

I’m obsessed with oils — and olive oil is by far my favorite, especially for our braids.

Here’s why…

1. Light Scent

Olive oil doesn’t have a strong smell, so it doesn’t compete with our other products.

2. It Can Be Mixed

We sometimes add essential oils for additional benefits.

3. It’s Natural

Olive oil is easily accessible (found right in our kitchen) and safe enough to eat — so I trust it for our hair.

4. All-In-One Oil

I love any product that serves multiple purposes. While other products can clog and suffocate our pores, olive oil absorbs into the skin as well as the hair.

5. It Allows Slip

After coating my hands with oil, taking down braids is faster and easier.

6. It Conditions The Hair

Our hair remains soft and protected when we seal our ends with olive oil.

7. It’s Light

Different oils have different thicknesses to serve different purposes. Olive oil is strong enough to seal our hair and light enough to penetrate our strands.

8. It's Naturally Shiny

Since it easily absorbs, it helps our hair shine from the inside out.

Do you use oil for your braids? What is your favorite hair oil? What is it good for?

Until next time,

Love The Journey,

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