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5 Ways Olive Oil Saved Our Girls' Hair

I love olive oil because it is one of the least expensive oils that supports natural hair growth. It’s heavy enough to protect and light enough to absorb into our strands.

While we are not loyal to any specific brand, we look for darker oils packaged in darkened (tinted) bottles.

Here are five ways olive oil saved our girls' hair.

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1. Healed Baby’s Cradle Cap

Our youngest was allegedly born with cradle cap. I say allegedly because that is what the doctors called it, but I’m not too convinced that’s what it was. It looked like large flakes of dandruff that could easily be peeled from her scalp.

Anyways, I would try to peel if off and it left her scalp looking red and irritated like I pulled off a scab too early.

It didn’t hurt her, but it looked gross.

Our pediatrician recommended dandruff shampoo. I just smiled and nodded knowing I was not putting chemicals on our newborns’ scalp. (She was no more than six months old.)

I’m so happy we tried olive oil.

It worked immediately by disguising the flakes. Meaning, because of the liquid, the flakes now matched the color of her scalp. And over time, whatever nutrients were in the oil began working their magic and healed her scalp.

She has not had scalp problems ever since.

2. Prevented Lice

Our older daughter went to a Montessori for a little under a year. During her 10 month stint, there was a lice break out 3 times.

It scared me.

She was at a predominantly white school and there have been rumors that head lice does not like black hair.

But our niece caught it and I did not want to take that chance.

So we did hot oil treatments regularly. I doused her strands in olive oil to make her hair and scalp even less enticing to the potential lice.

3. Treated Other Scalp Problems

Our youngest does not give me any indication when I braid her hair too tight - she does not flinch, whine or complain. Yet, she has gotten bumps, sores and irritated scalp from me braiding her hair. When I notice the irritation, I immediately take out the braids and treat with some olive oil. The scabs and irritation clear up quickly.

4. Used For Regular Maintenance

After washing our hair, we also use olive oil to seal in the moisture. Meaning — before applying any product, I rub and comb some oil through our hair. I also use a generous amount of oil on our ends to make sure they are well taken care of.

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5. Creates Shiny Moisturized Strands

When their hair is in braids I drip olive oil down their parts. This keeps their braids looking shiny and the skin on their scalp moisturized.

I remember how amazing it felt when my mom ran oil down my parts when I was a child. I think the feeling is just as satisfying for the girls.

Do you use olive oil in you hair? How does it help? If not olive, what other oil works magic on your strands? Need hair help? Schedule a one-on-one session with me. Use code: HEART2HEART.

Until next time.

Love The Journey,

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