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1 Beautiful Flower Crown (Made With Real Flowers)

We went to a local festival and saw little girls wearing beautiful flower crowns made with real dandelions.

These yellow flowers are weeds and spread rampant in our area in the spring and summer time.

Here’s how we created this cute head band.

1. Pick two dandelions. It’s best to choose flowers with long thin stems because it makes tying them together easier.

2. Tie the stem around the head of another flower.

3. Keep picking and tying until you have enough flowers to fit on your child’s head.

That’s it!

One Beautiful Flower Crown (Made With Real Flowers) | DommiesBlessed

Enjoy the flower crown for a day. The petals close up after spending hours detached from their stem.

Using the same method we’ve made, rings, bracelets and necklaces. Or you can just stick the flowers in your hair for decoration.

What accessories have you created with nature? Please share below.

Until next time.

Peace & Love


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