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7 Situations That Desperately Call For A Protective Style (For Little Girls)

7 Situations That Desperately Call For A Protective Style (For Little Girls) | DommiesBlessed

I love me some curls, but there are certain situations where protective styles are needed.

These are some…

1. Before Sleepovers

I'm very picky about who does the girls’ hair. Mainly because I'm still learning what works and doesn't work. So if they are having a sleepover I put their hair in a protective style.

2. During The Colder Months

Our hair gets extremely dry during the colder months — so we stick to braids, twists and other styles that protect their ends from breakage.

3. When They Go Swimming

If our youngest could swim every day - she would. It’s harder for chlorine to attack their strands when they are close together instead of out and free.

4. When I Need A Break

I like doing their hair daily, mainly because I'm obsessed with learning and getting to know their strands. Despite my love, I still need a break, and so I will put in a protective style.

5. When Their Hair Needs A Break

Their scalp and curls definitely benefit from being free. After wearing their curls for a few weeks, I like to give them a rest.

6. When The Girls Give Me A Hard Time

Usually the girls give me a hard time when we are on a strict time schedule and I have to do their hair early in the morning. We usually like to take our time getting ready. If I predict the girls may not want their hair done, I will put in a protective style.

7. When We Deep Condition

Deep conditioning for our girls, means putting in the product and wearing a protective style. When I take down their hair, the product has had time to soak into their strands and rehydrate their soft curls.

How often do your little ones wear protective styles? Are there certain situations that you feel protective styles are needed?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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