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6 Benefits Of Fingercoils on Little Girls

My preferred way to create a soft, moisturized and flowing curly fro is to fingercoil. Fingercoiling takes slightly longer than a wash and go (I’m talking about 5 minutes more).

Here are six benefits.

1. Protective Style

I consider fingercoiling a protective style, because the ends are tucked in. Coiling the hair also seems to keep their strands soft and moisturized for longer.

2. Uniformed Look

Our girls have different curl patterns throughout their heads. For example, both of them have looser curls in the back and tighter curls at the crown. Fingercoiling creates a curl by wrapping the hair around the finger making each curl look almost the same. To create a more uniformed look, I finger coil.

3. Works On any Texture

Our girls naturally have different curl shapes and fingercoiling works on both hair types.

4. Different Looks

Fingercoils can be done quickly in big sections. Smaller sections take more time and create a whole different look.

5. Fuller Fro

Heard of braid outs and twist outs? Well coil outs are a thing too. After the coils dry, I separate them creating a more natural and fuller look.

6. Style it

Fingercoils can be styled in pony tails, pig tails, buns or completely left out. I love their versatility and how quick and easy they are.

How do you style your fingercoils?

Until next time...

Peace & Love,


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