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Hair Time Equals Quality Screen Time

When doing their hair, watching quality shows keeps them still and happy. It also gives me the opportunity to enter into their world and see what they are interested in. Here are some series we enjoy watching together.

1. Tinga Tinga Tales

Based on African folklore, this series answers questions like “Why Woodpecker Pecks?” and “Why Caterpillar Is Never In A Hurry.” We watch for free on YouTube.

2. Akili and Me

Akili introduces preschoolers to letters, colors and numbers. I don’t know too much about this show besides the music makes us want to dance. This is another YouTube series.

3. Bino and Fino

Created by Adamu Waziri, this African-made cartoon teaches kids about African culture, history and more. The main characters are brother and sister who live with their grandparents. Their blog has also helped me learn more about African culture.

4. The Snowy Day

Based on Ezra Jack Keats book, we absolutely loved this holiday special. I know the holiday season is over - but I still think it's worth watching anytime of year. Available on Amazon Prime, this show also has a pretty amazing cast: Donielle Hansley, Laurence Fishburne and Regina King.

5. Lion Guard

Created by Disney and inspired by Lion King. I was slightly shocked to see the faces behind the African names. Nonetheless, our girls enjoy this cartoon and it’s emphasis on teamwork and problem solving. We watch this series on our fire stick.

6. Doc McStuffins

Another Disney creation about a female doctor caring for broken toys. Doc is a caring big sister, sweet daughter and thorough doctor who educates every toy she treats. The series can be found for free at the library.

6. How the Body Works

A great addition to our studies about the body. This show goes into detail about how our body systems work. Below is their youtube play list.

7. Naiah and Elli Toys Show

Our 5 year old loves watching these sisters live life. They do science experiments, play with dolls and pull pranks on their mother.

What are your favorite shows to watch with your family? What do you use to keep your child still during hair time?

Until next time...

Peace & Love


our tv sources: Fire Stick, YouTube, Local Library

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