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Why Breast Milk Poop Is So Addictive

While our almost three year old can down a gallon of cow milk in a week, she still prefers the breast. Hence, she still has breast milk poop and I love it!! Here are five addictive features of boob juice waste.

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1. Healthy Turds

Poop is a good identifier of a person’s health. In her three short years of life, she did experience diarrhea once, has yet to be constipated and overall her poop is nice and healthy - thanks to baby's natural food - breast milk!

2. Once a Day

There is a rare occasion when she poops more frequently, but most of the time, I can clock it. It is once a day in the morning. Now this may not be for every breastfed baby, but since the miracle juice is made specifically for her body, there is little waste.

3. Sweet Trail

My baby’s poop don’t stank. At least I do not think it does. It definitely smells like waste with a sweet after-scent. It's slightly hard to describe, unless you've experienced it. Of course, anything left too long starts to stink - so the fresher it is the more pleasant it smells. And I’m pretty proud of it!

4. Yellowish

It amazes me that her stool is still yellowish. The color changes when we are not together. For example, if she spends the night at my mother's house and is eating mostly solids, her feces are closer to brown with a thicker consistency. When I see a yellowish poop it’s a reminder that she is still getting the best.

5. Consistent

There are rarely surprises here. Sometimes I find a blueberry skin or bean coat - yet most of the food is perfectly digested. As an adult I am frequently checking my waste to make sure my body is working properly. When I check hers, I'm consistently amazed at how good it looks.

Are you proud of your baby’s poop? Tell me about it.

Peace & Love,


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