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Our Current Hair Products

Our family (including my husband) has different curls, and thankfully these products work for all of us. We've tried store bought brands, do-it-yourself mixtures, and using no product. The best results come from the items below. Here is the order in which they are applied.

1. Water

Water hydrates our hair and gives it life. Without water fully penetrating each strand every day, none of these products would work.

Gifted by my mom, this is my favorite black soap. It has a subtle sweet scent while cleansing our curls and leaving our strands moisturized. This magical bar is made from Palm Ash, Oats, Aloe, Shea Butter and Vitamin E. If we only used it for our hair, it would last forever, but we use it on our skin too.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this natural and nutrient-rich conditioner. Our curls melt once applied making detangling super easy. I buy multiple bottles when it’s on sale. Although a bit pricier than other conditioners ($9 bottles per 13 oz), it lasts a couple of months and delivers the best results for our hair. Its moisturizing formula includes African Rock Fig, Aloe, Mafura Oil, Shea Butter and Manuka Honey.

This alcohol-free gel does not flake or dry out our curls, and provides the perfect amount of shine. We have tried a range of products including edge control and natural gels, and we enjoy Eco Styler Krystal simply because it keeps our curls somewhat defined and soft. An added plus is its short ingredient list including “Water….LOVE and PRIDE.”

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