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3 Steps To Easily Detangle Curly Hair

Braids are the only style that do not require daily detangling. However, buns, pony tails, and curly fros are amongst the girls' favorites. As long as the girls' hair is detangled daily - I am happy. This minimizes tangles and the need to cut dry, damaged hair. Here is what we do...

1. Wet

It’s easiest to detangle their hair when it is fully saturated in water. That is why I prefer to detangle while they bathe. If I can’t wet their hair (for example, if we do not have time in the morning), I most likely will do it at night.

2. Good conditioner

Product does matter (for us). I’ve tried many conditioners and all do not work the same. There are only two products thus far that work well for our hair. Working well, means the tangles essentially melt when conditioner is applied. It also leaves our hair soft, moisturized and super coily. Because we detangle daily, I noticed our bottles of conditioner last longer. We use a little every day, instead of half-a-bottle once a week.

3. Detangling Brush

I prefer a detangling brush over a comb. The brush seems to clump the curls, while a comb simply separates the strands. In other words, the comb does a good job at detangling, but the brush does a better job at achieving the curly fro. I can also work in slightly larger sections with a brush — which means a quicker detangling process. Similar to a comb, I start from the bottom and work my way up to the scalp.

Clip Ends (as needed)

Detangling should not be a long process. It takes less than 5 minutes for us. If there are too many tangles, I trim/cut the girls’ ends.

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Until next time...

Peace & Love,


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