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7 Reasons Our Homeschoolers Love Indoor Playgrounds

Ever thought about sitting in your warm car while watching your kids play in the freezing cold? I considered it, but have not done it (yet). A friend recently invited us to an indoor playground. I’m a little ashamed that our daughter is 5 years-old and this is our first time visiting one.

Here are 7 things we liked about it:

1. No Clean Up

What family wouldn't love a place where your child can play with costumes, blocks, kitchen sets, dolls, cars and more without having to clean up after?

2. Burn As Much Energy As Possible

The unique thing about playgrounds, is that children can run, jump, climb, swing, and burn as much energy as possible for hours. When it’s really cold or raining, we typically go to museums, libraries and sometimes the zoo but there are areas in these places where children can not run around amongst other high-energy things.

3. A Different Experience

I assume each indoor playground is different. This one had inflatables (slides and maze) which was pretty cool.

4. An Intimate Setting To Meet New People

During colder months, we frequent museums and the zoo which are huge compared to indoor playgrounds. Since this indoor playground is smaller and more intimate it was easier to spark conversation with another parent.


I can’t tell you how many times we have been at an outdoor playground and there weren’t any nearby bathrooms. Even when I had our daughter go before we left the house, she was sure to ask once in a while.

6. First Aid Kit

Has your child ever gotten injured and screamed in pain unless you put a bandage on it? Kisses used to heal all wounds, but once our child reached a certain age, she NEEDED a bandage to console her boo boos. Luckily this indoor playground had a first aid kit.

7. Memberships

I hear some indoor playgrounds are expensive. This one had a monthly membership of $20 a month - which is a cool option so that we do not have to keep the membership during the warmer seasons. Memberships are always beneficial because we pay a fee and can frequent the place as many times as we’d like - getting our money's worth.

Have you checked out our list of resources? These are the places we routinely visit and would recommend to other families.

Until next time...

Peace & Love,


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