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Why I Owe My Breastfeeding Blog To Machine Learning?

I started this blog after our daughter announced she was not going to school. She was 5 at the time, and confidently confirmed her homeschool phase was not coming to an end.

I (while super grateful) was ready for more than playgroups and museums. I had spent the last few years away from a full-time gig, and was ready to revive my savings and multiply my income.

So I went to google to look up remote work that was fun, flexible and didn’t require much brain-power. I landed on jobs like teaching English to Chinese kids at 5 in the morning. As well as transcribing voice recordings and telehealth.

I remember staying up until 2 am applying to job post after job post. Since the applications were online, they provided a response in seconds. Others never contacted me back.

Luckily I have a solid connection with Queen G upstairs, and my prayer is always to have doors slammed in my face for life paths that are not destined for me.

I was denied from each position I applied. But thank the good Lordess, machine learning must have picked up on my desire to grow and said, “DommiesBlessed, you need a creative outlet.”

I honestly can not tell you how I discovered blogging, because I kept searching “remote jobs," "remote work," "how to work from home.”

As a true believer in breathers, I took a break and next thing I knew, I was putting a nice down payment on my little corner of the internets.

For the first month, my digital address did just that. It served as a creative outlet and I was hooked on the drag and drop platform, creating my breastfeeding-friendly virtual home for all those that stumbled on my page.

At that point, I did not know stay-at-home moms made a living from blogging.

I did not know, one of the top paid blogs was started by Arianna Huffington, a mom of two girls.

I did not know, blogging would get me speaking engagements, paid contracts and be the platform for publishing my first children’s book.

Nope, at that point, I was asking the wrong questions (but didn’t know it then). And while there are no silly questions. Shallow questions will often get you shallow answers.

Thank you machine learning for knowing a job was not what I needed, but an experience that would elevate my mind and provide genuine online peer support for so many families.

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How has machine learning impacted your life? Have you been searching for something and realized you were asking the wrong questions? Need to schedule a one-on-one session? Use code: HEART2HEART.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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