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An Important Blogging Lesson Hair Has Taught Me…

Have fun growing it.

On my hair journey, I used to be obsessed with length checks and fantasize about a curly fro that was so big and full.

When my hair finally reached my desired length it definitely didn’t look or feel how I expected. And it was too much to handle especially as a mom with multiple children. More importantly, I didn’t know how to maintain it without spending hours in front of the mirror every day.

So I cut it—- a second time.

For my second chop, I vowed to embrace what I had, instead of obsessing over what I didn't.

And my hair naturally grew thick, long and strong.

Now I realize, it’s essential to love every aspect of your journey. Not in a superficial way. In a tremendously grateful way. You have to. Or when you reach your desired goal, you won’t appreciate it.

So What Does Hair Have To Do With Blogging?

Google says that 15% of search queries are new. Which means people are asking questions that Google hasn't seen before. This means that the world is still full of curiosity. That someone out there is looking for information that you can provide. And as more of the world gets internet access, your input will become even more valuable.

If you’re connected to Google Search Console your stats will show that despite occasional dips, your traffic is growing year over year.

And as your blog continues to grow, it’s essential that you absolutely love what you produce. That the creative process feels good and inspires you. That the content elevates, motivates and excites you. And that you cherish the teeny incremental growths, because it gives you time to evolve naturally.

So just like hair, be madly in love with every strand, every product, every post, every task…because the secret to any gratifying goal is to have fun accomplishing it.

Are you obsessed with your blog? What part of the blogging process excites you? What are you most proud of?

Until next time…

Love The Journey,

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