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What Does Listening To Your Gut Have To Do With Breastfeeding?

Ever wonder where that gut feeling comes from?

Listening to our gut helps us detect others' intentions, something that’s invisible to the naked eye.

Our gut feeling makes us pay closer attention to our inner being. It allows us to make spiritually guided decisions that have life-changing outcomes.

From a molecular level, there are bacteria in breastmilk and on the areolar skin. They all work together to create a unified gut microbiome. And our gut serves as the first line of defense against illness. It also supports our overall health.

But What About The Metaphysical?

I believe, there’s infinite spiritual wisdom and hard-wired data that our mother installed deep within our intestinal walls.

So while on the surface, breastfeeding appears to be a physical connection between the mother-and-child dyad. It’s actually a spiritual collaboration with our ancestors and future generations. It’s a way of combining the past, present, and future in one sacred moment.

An oral tradition with the distinct purpose of instilling our cultural values, genetic lineage, embodied memory, and ancestral past.

And notice that I said breastfeeding and not just breastmilk. The baby must latch their mouths onto the breast (hence the word oral) in order to obtain critical life-preserving information.

Which is why, when our babies are scared, or nervous, or unusually uncomfortable they attach to the breast.

Our areola and milk-ducts receive that information and respond with perfectly corresponding past stories of strength, hope, and perseverance.

It’s like the African Proverb, “the youth talk first, then listen. The elders listen first, then talk.”

So as our little ones experience this world, we are feeding their gut data to help them navigate spiritually, socially, emotionally, psychologically, physiologically, cognitively, and environmentally (to name a few).

I’m on a mission to heal my gut. No, I’m not on any daily medications, nor am I suffering from any debilitating illness. But I want to better commune with the lineage and ancestral past that my mother passed down to me when I was a child.

After reading this, I hope you too can connect with your gut.

I hope you too can breastfeed with a purpose.

And, I hope you too will have a clearer understanding of the oral traditions and metaphysical benefits of feeding liquid love to your child.

So pour into your children. So that even when you are long gone, they are able to make decisions from their gut that will enhance their children, their children’s children, and their children’s children’s children.

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Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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