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The Moment I Realized I Was A Hands-On-Learner…

I was in the 6th grade.

My math teacher, Ms. Mulligan, was a slim, freckled wombman with a twa and squinty smile.

She taught us fractions, not with plastic blocks, writing drills or memorization. But with pizza and Hershey bars.

Deliciously edible tangibles we could smell, taste and enjoy.

By using food, Ms. Mulligan transformed numbers on a sheet, into memorable life experiences.

Her creative approach was often exciting and super relatable. Even when I got things wrong in her class, I wanted to learn more.

Ms. Mulligan was so memorable, that decades later as a homeschooling family I know the power behind using every day items and practical activities. So I try my best to create a safe space where learning is naturally playful.

And when I discover the progress that our children make, month-to-month, simply by living - I’m absolutely amazed.

What’s your learning style? Have you noticed the learning style in your children? Need to schedule a one-on-one? Use code: HEART2HEART.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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