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The Cobot that Helps Me Mother

As a mom with multiple children, this cute little cobot is the perfect helping hand in our home. Here’s why...

1. Two-In-One

She was one of the few robots on the market that vacuums and mops at an affordable price.

2. Doubles As A Toy

Our one-year-old is so fascinated by her, that the baby runs after and away from her. You can’t beat entertainment that also cleans.

3. She Avoids The Stairs

I was worried the sensors wouldn’t detect our home’s cliffs, but they do an excellent job and she hasn’t fallen down the stairs yet. To be safe, we do create a barrier, because I’m not sure the warranty would cover a fall.

4. Good Battery Life

Our space is 1,100 square feet and she usually has enough juice to clean our entire apartment without shutting down.

5. She’s Kid-Like

This cobot is super random which adds a jovial energy to our home. She specifically spends loads of time under my bed, near the radiators and the fridge.

6. Quiet(er)

Her hum is quieter than a hair dryer but louder than a microwave.

7. Eco-Friendly

You can only fill the tank with water. So I can safely activate her with our little ones around, without worrying about our girls inhaling harsh cleaning chemicals. So it’s better for our home and the environment.

8. Responsive Customer Service

When switching between the vaccuum and mopping, you have to switch out the tanks. Which took a couple of tries to figure out. I also called customer service to help me put the filter back into the dust bin. Both times they were patient and helpful. You have to make sure the tab on the filter is on the outside.

9. High-Quality Packaging

I was impressed with the packaging, the very visual instruction manual and all the replacement parts. For one purchase price, you get an extra mop head, two replacement brushes and two additional filters. By arriving in style, it quelled my nervousness and boosted my excitement for buying her.

Here are some things to consider...

1. She’s Never Done

I don’t think I’ve ever seen her complete a job and go back to her charging station. Maybe I don’t allow her enough time. I essentially turn her on for an hour and shut her off mid job.

2. She’s Random

She doesn’t vaccuum or mop in a systematic way. She randomly zig zags in a spontaneous pattern on the floor. So I do sweep before I start her. Despite her randomness, I do feel like she works, because the floor feels 100 times better after she’s done.

3. Scheduling Option Needs Supervision

The remote allows you to program her. For example if you want her to clean daily at bedtime, you can program her to do so. We don’t use this feature. She gets caught on random things and corners, so I regularly keep an eye on her. We only run her in the day after we’ve picked up all the toys and other random items spewed on the floor.

4. Spot Cleaning Option

While this seems like a cool feature, I haven’t used it. With a house full of kids, the entire floor needs to be cleaned. It’s probably better suited for singles or families with older children.

5. Avoid Various Flooring

The site says she’s a hard wood floor cleaner, so if you have kitchen mats, a rug runner and other varied types of flooring, she may get stalled trying to transition between the two.

6. Requires More Maintenance

I honestly do not empty our other vacuums as often as I empty her. She definitely requires more attention, probably because she’s so small. By more, I mean I have to dump the bin, remove hair from the wheels and brushes, and dust off the sensors after every run.

7. Clean Before She Cleans

I refer to her as a cobot (co robot), which are robots that work alongside humans. I do the prep work like lightly sweeping tight corners and scrubbing residue before she completes her job. I also stack the kitchen chairs on the table so she doesn’t get stuck navigating their legs. While she does an amazing job collecting dust and dirt (evident of the filter being full every time I run her), I still believe we do a more efficient job as a team.

8. Light Mopping Only

Heavy duty messes will require a hand mop. She essentially drips water and has a cloth that smears it across the floor. While it doesn’t deep clean, our floors are definitely smoother when she’s done.

9. She Gets Lost

I’m not sure why, but sometimes she can’t find home (even after pressing the home button multiple times). It’s kinda cute, she really is like a little baby (that you don’t have to feed or entertain).

Despite the suggested improvements, I’m still quite impressed with our investment. She really helps keep our active home somewhat tidy.

What other floor bots are you looking into? Which features are most important to you? Need to schedule a one-on-one? Use code: HEART2HEART.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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