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How Do You Shower With A Breastfed Child?

Showering mixes two things babies love, running water and naked breasts.

Showering is also something I need to feel good, look good and be good. It allows me to simmer in my own thoughts and have 5 minutes of alone time.

After the births of our first children, I went countless days without showering. Mainly because I preferred to eat or sleep and my new-mom brain couldn’t figure out how to get everything done in a day.

Now I prioritize showering because...

I feel refreshed ...

my skin glows from hydration ...

and I look beautiful.

But I’m not going to lie -- it can be difficult. Here is how I shower with a breastfed child.

0-3 Months

She slept a lot. So I made sure she was fed, changed and comfortable. Then nursed her until she knocked out and brought the sleeper in the bathroom while I bathed.

It was crucial I did this first thing in the morning, while my older girls were asleep.

4-6 Months

She’s moving at this point and not sleeping (during the day) as much. Thankfully my mom, his dad, our 7 year old — someone would watch her while I showered.

Please note it was rare I was able to spend 45 minutes to an hour in the bathroom. These are less than 5 minute sprinkles most of the time where I do my hair, lather my body and I’m out.

7-9 Months

Naptime is now on me (literally - I baby wear) so it’s even more challenging.

Again, I feed her, change her and make sure she is nice and comfortable. Then each day I use a different strategy. Especially days where teething is unbearable and all she wants to do is be on or near the breast. Very rarely she’ll sleep in her car seat. Sometimes she just plays with her toys and the girls will watch her. Which means multiple interruptions within that 5-minute shower. I’m running out with suds and dripping conditioner trying not to fall with my wet feet because I heard a weird noise.

And on the rare occasions their father is there, I politely hand the baby over to him to feed and spend some quality time.

If you’re slightly disappointed by these solutions because you thought I was going to cover how to literally shower with our baby suckling at the breast - I’m sorry.

I tried it — it was a mess (and too dangerous for my taste). She was always too slippery no matter how little soap I used. And I was afraid to drop her, break her limbs from holding her too tight, or some other catastrophic event.

Instead, I’m specifically referring to the process of attending to my daily needs, while taking care of hers.

And I hope it helped you (even a little).

I would love to hear how you juggle showering while your little one is still breastfeeding.

Until next time ...

Love Thyself,

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