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10+ Cool Minecraft Games To Try On Scratch

The Best Minecraft Games on Scratch Featuring Flappy Minecraft by UltraCoolGames

Screenshot of Flappy Minecraft by UltraCoolGames on Scratch

When Minecraft and Scratch worlds collide, magical things happen. If you haven't heard of either platform, let me explain. Minecraft is a 3-D world where players can build, explore, and go on blocky adventures. Scratch is a free coding community that uses coding blocks to program projects. In the following games, you have the pixel art and recognizable characters from Minecraft, combined with the ability to code your own version of the game through Scratch. Below you'll find super simple and fun Scratch games inspired by Minecraft. While most are mobile-friendly, they're best played on desktop (in my personal opinion).

1. Minecraft - A Platformer

The following platformer game can be completed in under 20 minutes. Using the letters W-A-S-D or the arrow keys, players can move Steve (the main character in Minecraft) across levels. You can avoid the lava pools by jumping over them or climbing up the walls. Complete all 14 levels and you win the game. You can also skip levels that may be too challenging, and still come out as a winner.

Screenshot of Minecraft -  A Platformer by UltraCoolGames on Scratch

Screenshot of Minecraft - A Platformer by UltraCoolGames on Scratch

Release Date: May 7, 2020

Scratcher: UltraCoolGames

​Mobile-Friendly: Yes

​Plays: 506,000+ (as of 8/24/23)

Remixes: 1,900+ (as of 8/24/23)

2. Minecraft Clicker

The following game is another UltraCoolGames masterpiece. It's a Minecraft-themed clicker game. The goal is to click a rotating Steve (the Minecraft guy in the middle) in order to rack up money for the Minecraft-themed shop. There are 4 different backgrounds, 4 different music choices, and 4 different cursors that you can buy. After purchasing an item, money wracks up even quicker, so you're able to purchase items faster.

Top Minecraft Games on Scratch Featuring Minecraft Clicker by UltraCoolGames

Screenshot of Minecraft Clicker by UltraCoolGames on Scratch

Release Date: June 16, 2020

Scratcher: UltraCoolGames

Mobile-Friendly: Unknown

Plays: 142,300+ (as of 8/24/23)

Remixes: 450+ (as of 8/24/23)

3. Minecraft Run

The following Scratch game features Steve running on dirt. There are zombies, creepers, endermen, and skeletons trying to shoot Steve with arrows. Press the space bar to make Steve avoid all the dangers and obstacles by jumping.

Minecraft Run by kosan-kabun on Scratch

Screenshot of Minecraft Run by kosan-kabun on Scratch

Released Date: September 18, 2022

Scratcher: kosan-kabun

Mobile-Friendly: Yes

Plays: 659,000+ (as of 8/24/23)

Remixes: 1,200+ (as of 8/24/23)

4. Minecraft Survival

In Minecraft Survival, the goal is to help Steve escape a mob of creepers, endermen, ghasts, and zombies using your mouse. The game starts on level one with five red hearts that symbolize your health. If you hit someone from the mob, you can eat flesh or golden apples to rebuild your health. There are also bow and arrows, diamond swords, armor, minecarts and lava buckets you can catch to help you stay alive.

Minecraft Survival by wooseki on Scratch

Screenshot of Minecraft Survival by wooseki on Scratch

Release Date: January 10, 2012

Scratcher: wooseki

​Mobile-Friendly: Yes

​Plays: 355,000+ (as of 8/24/23)

Remixes: 850+ (as of 8/24/23)

5. Minecraft Quiz

Are you a Minecraft master? Test your Minecraft knowledge with the ultimate Minecraft quiz. If you answer a question correctly you'll hear a pleasant ding and move on to the next one. Select the wrong answer and a creeper will show up. Next you'll get a screen full of green and have to start over. There are 20 questions in all.

Minecraft Quiz on Scratch by Capital Games

Screenshot of Minecraft Ultimate Quiz by CapitalGames on Scratch

Release Date: November 30, 2014

Scratcher: CapitalGames

​Mobile-Friendly: Yes

​Plays: 322,000+ (as of 8/24/23)

Remixes: 620+ (as of 8/24/23)

6. Minecraft Runner

How long can you last in this Minecraft-inspired runner game? Your job is to dodge the enemies. Running into the purple nether portal is totally fine, but if you collide with a zombie, cactus, spider, or any other Minecraft monster, you'll lose a heart. Be careful, because you only have three.

Minecraft Runner by holybird on Scratch

Screenshot of Minecraft Runner by holybird3 on Scratch

Release Date: May 21, 2022

Scratcher: holybird3

​Mobile-Friendly: Yes

​Plays: 443,000+ (as of 8/24/23)

Remixes: 1,200+ (as of 8/24/23)

7. Flappy Minecraft

In this "Flappy Bird" remake, you're a flying pig from Minecraft. Tap or use the space bar to avoid running into Minecraft terrain. This game is much harder than the original Flappy Bird.

Flappy Bird Remake on Scratch by UltraCoolGames

Screenshot of Flappy Minecraft by UltraCoolGames on Scratch

Release Date: May 13, 2020

Scratcher: UltraCoolGames

​Mobile-Friendly: Yes

​Plays: 128,000+ (as of 8/24/23)

Remixes: 530+ (as of 8/24/23)

8. Flip Minecraft mini game

Flip Minecraft tests your timing skills. Tap or use the space bar to move Steve from the ceiling to the floor without touching a cactus. This game loops until you reach a high score you are satisfied with.

Minecraft Flip Game on Scratch by hgjkcjlv

Screenshot of Minecraft Flip by hgjkcjlv on Scratch

Release Date: April 28, 2023

Scratcher: hgjkcjlv

​Mobile-Friendly: Yes

​Plays: 87,000+ (as of 8/24/23)

Remixes: 140+ (as of 8/24/23)

9. Minecraft Platformer

This platformer game is a lot harder than the first one we mentioned. Players are able to mine and place blocks to avoid the lava and reach the diamond. There are 10 levels -- the last one is the hardest.

Cool Minecraft Platformer on Scratch by CometBlazer

Screenshot of Minecraft Platformer by CometBlazer on Scratch

Release Date: February 22, 2021

Scratcher: CometBlazer

​Mobile-Friendly: Unknown

​Plays: 12,800+ (as of 8/24/23)

Remixes: 30+ (as of 8/24/23)

10. Minecraft Mario Platformer

Get ready to wonder this Minecraft-inspired world as Mario. You'll hear all the Mario Brothers sounds, travel through the legendary green warp pipes, and eat the mini and mega mushrooms. Minecraft elements include a crafting table, lava, and a pickaxe.

Minecraft Mario Platformer on Scratch by atomicmagicnumber

Screenshot of Minecraft Mario Platformer by atomicmagicnumber on Scratch

Release Date: June 2, 2020

Scratcher: atomicmagicnumber

​Mobile-Friendly: Unknown

​Plays: 260,000+ (as of 8/24/23)

Remixes: 700+ (as of 8/24/23)

11. Minecraft Personality Quiz

This final game is a personality quiz. There are seven questions about your favorite weather, sleeping position, preferred mode of transportation, problem solving strategy, and method of learning (to name a few). There are 5 different results including a spider, zombie, enderman, skeleton, or creeper. I love the artistic style and design of the game.

Cool Minecraft Personality Quiz on Scratch by scratch-coco

Screenshot of Minecraft Personality Quiz by scratch_coco on Scratch

Release Date: September 12, 2020

Scratcher: scratch_coco

​Mobile-Friendly: Yes

​Plays: 7,900+ (as of 8/24/23)

Remixes: 10+ (as of 8/24/23)

That's it for our list! Which game was your favorite? Which one would you remix? If you are a Minecraft fan or you know of one, here is the latest in the Lego Minecraft store and our personal fave Minecraft Uno.

Scratch is developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. See All screen shots are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license.

Until next time...

Love the Journey,

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