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Sand In Hair, Don’t Care

sand in scalp before and after

There are many ways children get sand in their hair.

  • A beach goer shakes their blanket and sand flies everywhere,

  • Another child pours a bucket of sand on their head,

  • Your little one gets caught in a wave full of sand,

  • Sand accidentally goes in their hair while being beach buried.

Our 4 year-old did a tumble on the beach, and naturally her head was covered in sand. If this happens to you, these are some tips:

  • Don't freak out -- sand is one of nature's best beauty secrets! Make sure the removal process is gradual and gentle so that it yields the best results.

  • Allow the hair to naturally air-dry; dry sand can be easier to move.

  • Before leaving the beach, brush off as much sand as possible. This will also help limit the amount of sand you transport into your car and home.

  • When home, thoroughly wash and rinse their hair in the shower. The water pressure from the shower head will help most of the remaining sand fall out.

  • If your little one doesn't like showers, use a wash bowl to do their hair in the kitchen sink. This way you can closely inspect their scalp section-by-section to make sure all signs of sand are gone. If this is not an option, the last resort is to...

  • Allow your little one to saturate their hair by laying back in the tub. In this method, sand may loosen from the scalp but end up getting caught in their curls.

If your little one is wearing twists, locs, or braids, we think it's totally fine that random speckles of sand remain in their hair for days. As one of nature's best exfoliants, sand loves to cling to the scalp. It's a natural part of enjoying the beach in the summer. Please know there are plenty of products that intentionally include sugar crystals and other grainy materials to gently exfoliate the scalp. Benefits include healthier hair and healthier scalps.

If you prefer sand-free hair, one of our favorite summer styles is bantu knots. They're super easy to undo and redo, so that you can brush out any lingering sand.

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