5 Ways We Treat Allergic Reactions From Hair Products

4 Ways We Treat Allergic Reactions From Hair Products

I was so frustrated when our dermatologist dismissed our irritating skin issues as eczema. Yes, our skin was dry, flaky, and inflamed, but I knew something was causing these breakouts, and it wasn’t simply the lack of moisture.

He explained to me that the causes of eczema are unknown. He refused to do the allergy tests I requested. I knew I had to pay close attention our bodies and figure out what was triggering our skin problems and how to treat them.

1. Avoid Steroid Cream

We were prescribed steroid creams. I am very wary of the dependency on a cream that doesn’t treat the problem, but simply masks it, as well as the damage the steroids do to our skin over time. So I weaned myself off of the creams in order to figure out what else could help heal our skin.

2. Stop Using Irritants

It took me over a year to discover our hair products were the triggers. As soon as I stopped using the products in our hair, our skin stopped breaking out.

I tried finding a common ingredient amongst the different products. I could not find one. However, as soon as I noticed a negative reaction - we no longer used them.

3. Shea Butter

Shea butter has been our go-to for most skin problems. It can be applied liberally, multiple times a day with no negative side effects. It also relieves the itch and helps the skin repair itself.

4. Keep Clean and Dry

I noticed sweat and unnatural lotions slowed the healing process. I tried to keep the area clean and dry.

5. Stick To Products We Know

As a hair enthusiast, sometimes I get tempted to try new products. Because I do not know the exact ingredients we are allergic to, the discomfort and recovery process is not worth it to us. So, we stay loyal to the products that work for our hair.

What treatments have you used to heal your skin from allergic reactions? Need to schedule a one-on-one? Use code: HEART2HEART.

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