How Our Homeschooled Girls Socialize

We've been homeschooling for two years and are frequently asked how we socialize our girls. Here are three ways…

1. Quality Time

It’s very important for our girls to build meaningful relationships. While we frequently have scheduled activities, if a family member or one of their friends calls, we have no problem changing plans. Our girls are two and five - and our lives are about sharing moments with the ones we love.

2. Abundant Life

We frequent libraries, playgrounds and community events, to name a few. During these outings we encounter babies and elders from different walks of life. It’s important for our girls to be able to ask questions and engage with people of all ages and demographics, not just their peers. Not only do the girls learn from watching my interactions with others, they are able to practice these skills for themselves in the real world. For example, asking a store clerk (an unfamiliar adult) the price of an item.

3. Always Growing

There is no end result for socialization. In my thirties, I am constantly improving my communication skills. In other words, a person is not “socialized” at a certain age. Of course, our girls are still maturing. For example, our two year-old does not like to share; and our five year-old is working on standing up for herself. Our goal is to raise respectful, kind and assertive beings.

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