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Our 16 Month Old’s Hair Care Routine

Last month she spent the night with my mom. When I picked her up, she had the softest, fullest, fluffiest, lint-free fro. So I asked my mom her secrets.

She did the following:

  • Dampen a wash cloth and massage the baby’s head. This gets the hair wet enough to manipulate, but not too wet. It’s also super relaxing.

  • Take your favorite oil blend (her’s has shea nut oil and lemongrass essential oil) and thoroughly massage it in your hands, then throughout her head.

  • Use a wet brush (without the balls on the ends) to gently detangle her hair.

The most important step my mom told me was to really take your time. Sometimes the baby would take the brush and do her own hair. She even said the baby fell asleep while she was brushing her hair. A stark contrast to when I’m trying to do her hair -- where she‘s super alert, and purposefully moves and wiggles until I stop.

So I tried the same exact method my mom did ... but got very different results. I think I‘m not moving slow enough or being patient enough.

For now, I just leave her hair alone.

But I'm also tremendously grateful our daughter has a super loving and nurturing grandmother who knows how to take care of her crown. And was willing to share her hair secrets with me.

16 month old playing with rocks

What hair lessons have you learned from your mom? Did you miss our toddler’s earlier updates? Start here. Need to schedule a one-on-one? Use code: HEART2HEART.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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