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My Clavicles’ Beauty Routine

Beauty is accentuating what our Creator has naturally blessed us with. And for me that’s pronounced clavicles. Here's my beauty routine...

Proud Posture

The angle of our clavicles (also known as the collar bone) is a sign of our body’s alignment. So I strive to have a collar bone parallel to the floor. It reminds me to stand proud with my shoulders back and heart out.

Nature’s Necklace

Yes, even with a curvy motherly figure, my collar bone still pops. And no I’m not skinny. I’m presently 5’5, 182 pounds. It’s Mother Nature’s permanent necklace that reminds me of who I am.

There are occasions when cushions of fat creep in and hide my clavicles. That’s when I start drinking more water, eating more salads and scheduling more hikes.

In fact, having a prominent clavicle is the new beauty trend that has led to womyn contouring the bone with makeup and developing eating disorders. You may not have pronounced clavicles, and that’s fine. Find the feature Mother Nature has naturally blessed you with and accentuate that.

Loving Massage

Interestingly enough, my clavicles are too sensitive for even a gentle massage. Instead, I prefer to lovingly work my shoulders, neck and upper back. When I loosen the tension in these areas, I feel lighter and am able to stand up straighter, which makes my clavicles pop more.

Natural Shimmer

Glowing chocolate skin is a staple in my beauty regimen. And so, in addition to adequate sun, I love using olive oil and yellow (not white) shea butter for a shiny golden tint.

Do you have a beauty routine for your clavicles?

Until next time…

Love Thyself,

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