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As A Breastfed Child, How Do You Think You Turned Out?

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I was breastfed for about 4 months. My mother stopped when she became pregnant with my baby brother.

I don’t know how in the world she was sexually active that early after delivery, but my baby brother is hands down one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

As a child, I was happy, round and well-fed. My teeth were white, my smile was bright, and I wanted nothing more than to be around my family all day, every day.

As I reached school-age my mother chose educational programs that complimented her life choices of providing her children with the breast/best.

So I attended a string of private schools, where I was free and rarely missed the honor roll.

I was studious and serious about my work and making my mom (and myself) proud.

As an adolescent, I did get these gross bumps on my face (acne) and very dark eczema patches on the front of my ankles, which were probably due to not drinking enough water and skipping showers.

These could have been the beginning signs of my body trying to protect itself from how I was treating it. More signs became noticeable until I was officially diagnosed with a pretty serious autoimmune disease. After two whole years of sampling some intense pharmaceutical drugs with no end in sight, I discharged myself (aka stopped taking the drugs against medical advice). I confidently decided to use my own “practice of medicine,” an intentional mixture of starvation and real food.

Thank the good Lordess, my body did heal itself and I’ve been off medication ever since - with no relapse in symptoms.

I strongly believe those 4 months of breastmilk built a solid foundation of exceptional regenerative health (good enough that when sickness intruded my body as a teenager, I was able to bounce back).

I know those 4 months of breastmilk psychologically engrained in me the truth that nature is best. Always seek healing from nature.

And today, I still choose the breast/best. As a homebirthing mother in my 30s, I’m thankfully fertile and super healthy after breastfeeding 3 children well beyond toddlerdom. I’m also pretty attached to our family unit. And I have the utmost respect and reverence for Mother Nature.

Thank you mom for choosing the breast/best.

I hear breastfeeding in the 80s was considerably hard, but I know my mother always did the hard things.

That concludes my three decades in 90 seconds.

How about you? Were you breastfed in the 80s? How did you turn out? Need to schedule a one-on-one session with me? Use code: HEART2HEART.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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