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How Do You Handle Social Isolation During Your First Year Of Breastfeeding?

Social isolation is being cut off from your social networks.

And as a homemaker who breastfeeds beyond toddlerdom and homeschools small children, I’ve had my fair share of social isolation.

In light of our current pandemic, I thought it fitting to share moments I’ve experienced social isolation and how I made the best of it.

Understanding It’s Temporary

The first few times I was forced into social isolation (i.e. when one of the girls was sick and we had to cancel our homeschool activities), it evoked strong feelings of frustration and restlessness. After unnecessarily stressing myself out, I had to realize sometimes social isolation is necessary (especially for healing and recovery) which helped me appreciate it.

This Is The Best Time To Get The Most Done

In fact, some people choose solitude and lead very productive lives as hermits, and recluse.

The valuable lesson of intentionally choosing to do work that can only be done in solitude creates a fresh and new perspective when we are faced with involuntary social isolation.

Which means... is there something you’ve been meaning to do that can only get done when you are alone? Do it!!


Thanks to technology, we do not have to be face-to-face to connect. We can reach out to others we’ve been meaning to get in touch with virtually and/or telephonically.

Serve Others

Whether it's sending groceries to a sick friend, visiting an elder, or actively listening to someone else's problems. I've learned that serving others almost always distracts me from my own troubles, lifts my mood and affirms a sense of greater purpose.

Go Outside

Being socially isolated is not synonymous with confinement.

Saying hello to random people during my morning walks brightens my day. I’ve also had some deep conversations with my neighbor (hey Ms. Pam) and met some amazing strangers at the playground.

Create A New Circle

Known causes of social isolation are unemployment, economic issues, immobility, domestic violence and health issues (like what we are experiencing now) to name a few.

As unique as your situation may be. You are not alone.

While it may take some time. There are others in a very similar situation, who want to connect with you.

Just Be

I know this can be quite difficult, especially when you have little ones, but even if it’s just 5 minutes of mindfulness — I’m sure your inner soul will thank you.

Get To Know Your Unit

Did you know family socialization is the first form of socialization and also the most important?

Being socially isolated from external networks presents the perfect opportunity to strengthen your internal one.

In our home, we don’t always do family games or activities together, but just making sure our home is a place of love, security and where our children can be themselves is very important to me.

Get To Know Yourself

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of diving deeper into who I actually am and what I love to do.

And so I want to challenge you to figure out, who makes you laugh? What do you love to create? Which songs make you feel powerful? How does your body respond to excitement? Which nostril do you naturally breathe out of? Which fabrics bring you peace? And if you could spend all day doing one thing, what would it be?

I’m curious. Have you experienced social isolation? What did you do?

Until next time.

Love Thyself,

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